Carlton IN Business is proud to welcome Stock Doctor as its presenting partner of IN the NTWRK, a Carlton IN Business podcast.

A new addition to the Carlton IN Business program, IN the NTWRK is hosted by Candy Hertz, where she talks to leaders in their fields about challenges they face and how they have made a mark within the business community.

At CIB we are focussed on building genuine connections and this is what we do with IN the NTWRK, building genuine connections between our network and yours.

IN the NTWRK can be found on any podcast streaming platform, with six episodes and two bonus episodes currently released.

The show currently boasts guests including:

  • Luke Sayers, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Sayers Group
  • Georgia Beattie, CEO and MD of Bulla Park
  • Michelle Maugueret, Director and Co-Founder of The Growth Collective
  • John Gillam, Chairman for CSR Limited, Nufarm and Bluefit
  • Brent Smart, Chief Marketing Officer at Telstra
  • Kristy Keyte, Chief Marketing Officer at Penfolds

The announcement is exciting for the Carlton IN Business team, with the podcast growing in listenership with every episode, the new partnership will see the podcast release at least another 16 episodes in 2023.

Stock Doctor is not new to the Carlton IN Business network, with the parent company Lincoln Indicators a current CIB member as well as a Carlton Football Club Platinum Partner.

Tim Lincoln, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Lincoln Indicators, as part of the newly elevated partnership will join Candy as a guest on one of our later episodes in 2023.

Since 1996 Stock Doctor has been helping self-directed investors and self-managed super funds (SMSF) enjoy investment success. Members gain access to exclusive quantitative research that identifies both the stocks at risk of corporate failure and member exclusive Star Stocks – the stocks identified by their exclusive research methodology as having strong financial health and may be suited to meet an investor’s long-term growth or income objectives.

Stock Doctor provides the essential toolset you need to create, manage and optimise your portfolio. It also gives you the confidence and control to achieve long-term success through its renowned support and training programs.

We look forward to bringing you further high-profiled guests and insightful discussions.

To find out more about Stock Doctor, click the link here.