Why Carlton IN Business?

Carlton IN Business, proudly presented by Penfolds and Virgin Australia, is a corporate network whose purpose is to create enduring value and relationships for our business community and your organisation.

Carlton IN Business has a special but simple philosophy, that focuses on three pillars: connection, premium experiences, and development.

What distinguishes Carlton IN Business and establishes its track record of success is its ability to identify opportunities and create mutual value through the influence and reach it offers.

Huge network

Largest corporate network in the Australian sporting landscape.

Business channels

Our members represent a wide range of industries including; finance, insurance, professional services, property, building and construction, logistics, hospitality, and retail.

Leading keynotes

Our events include high-level speakers and achievers: CEOs, Chairmen and women and business owners that provide amazing stories and trusted insights into business today.

Premium events

Members gain access to our high-quality events that allow them the opportunity to entertain clients and broaden their network. We provide the perfect forum for you to meet key stakeholders and develop trusting relationships.

Dedicated connector

Our team is driven to provide outcomes for your business. The connector team work with our members to explore and target a range of key businesses to generate a return on investment and expand their corporate customer network.

Reach decision makers

CIB attracts senior and decision-making delegates. With over 80% of event guests being C-Level,  new business and relationships are developed with the right people.

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