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Our business connectors work with you and your business to drive desired outcomes. This all starts with a Network Planning Meeting between you and your connector to identify prospective businesses in the network to connect with over the course of the year. Our team will help provide a connection, for you to build a genuine relationship from.

Over the month of February our team has been able to execute.

74 Network Planning Meetings.

12 Genuine Introductions

3 Genuine business opportunities

This month’s successful introductions can be seen on the right.

Barkly Smokehouse and Ontime Group have been building on their relationship for several years. For the past two years Ontime has sourced their Christmas gifting from Barkly Smokehouse.

Through an introduction made by the Carlton IN Business team, Mirrabook secured a deal to produce LaTrobe University’s O-Week Stress Balls.

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    Samantha Paterson Carlton IN Business Manager
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    Morten Webb General Manager - Commercial Operations
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    Kyle Durdin Commercial Marketing and Operations Coordinator
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