2024 Carlton IN Business Events

Carlton IN Business is excited to bring new premium experiences and provide an exciting line up, of outstanding networking events throughout the year.

Leaders of Industry CEO Dinner

Thursday 29 February

Launching a new year of networking, we bring together a C-level audience from CIB members, corporate partners and key stakeholders for an esteemed evening with an insight led keynote speaker.

Carlton IN Business Major Luncheon

Wednesday 24 April

The most significant sit-down event of the year, where more than 1,100 business professionals gather. It is a chance to connect with the entire Carlton IN Business network while enjoying high-quality food and beverages with your guests and hear from a renowned keynote speaker.

Carlton IN Business – Grand Final Event

Thursday 26 September

We bring our Carlton IN Business network together to celebrate one of the biggest weeks on the Melbourne calendar with stellar entertainment acts, key figures from the AFL industry and great food and beverage offerings!

Spring Spectacular Networking Experience

Wednesday 16 October

In collaboration with our Carlton IN Business Co-Major partners, Virgin Australia and Penfolds, we offer our members the opportunity to fly to South Australia on a Virgin Australia chartered flight and immerse themselves in the world-renowned Penfolds wines at Magill Estate.

Carlton IN Business Purpose Led Event Series

May – August

Dates TBA

A series of five events which provide our members with the opportunity to opt into a smaller scale event that aligns with their business’s purpose to strengthen connections with likeminded individuals from across the network.

Option 1 – Inclusion & Diversity LuncheonProudly presented by Fujitsu Australia

A luncheon which is centred around celebrating differences, promoting inclusivity, educating employees, fostering collaboration, showcasing leadership commitment, inspiring, and motivating everyone to actively contribute to a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Option 2 – Property DinnerProudly presented by Electrolux

A dinner which brings together the Melbourne property network to celebrate innovation and foster connection, engaging with visionaries who develop, adopt and adapt to achieve success in the property environment. An evening where better ideas and strategies breed.

Option 3 – Sustainability ForumProudly presented by Hyundai

A forum that explores why it is essential for organisations to address environmental stewardship, social responsibility, circular economy principles, innovation, collaboration, transparency and climate action to foster long-term growth and success.

Option 4 – Future Thinking Forum Proudly presented by La Trobe Business School

A forum that gives Carlton IN Business members the platform to come together and explore emerging technologies, anticipate trends and strategize for some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Option 5 – Workplace Wellbeing EventProudly presented by Bupa

An event that leverages the strengths and the knowledge of our corporate partners and provides insights into how health and wellness initiatives can help organisations become an employer of choice for their people, how it can help reduce employee turnover, and help with attracting top talent.